– Selected Projects –

Baccalaureate Villas

Location: Amman

Area: 2,000 m2

Year: 2018

Al Saket Residence Two Semi-Attached Villas

Location: Amman

Area: 850 m2

Year: 2014

Masannat Summer House

Location: Jordan Valley

Area: 361 m2

Year: 2013

Al Alia’a (109)

Location: Amman

Area: 1,436 m2

Year: 2011

Um Al-Shomara 1

Location: Amman

Area: 2,000 m2

Year: 2007

Al-Masri Private Villa

Location: Amman

Area: 1,016 m2

Year: 2007 

Badran Private Villa

Location: Amman

Area: 1,073 m2

Year: 2001

Mu’asher Private Villa

Location: Amman

Area: 828 m2

Year: 1997

Al Ribat Housing Complex

Location: Amman

Area: 4,800 m2

Year: 1982

30 residential units clustered around a landscaped courtyard. Although built in the early 80s, this compound is still considered a pioneering experience in housing in the country. This project was nominated twice for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

Princess Salma Housing Estate

Location: Zarqa New Garden City 

Area: 20,000 m2 – 145 units

Year: 2005

The relocation of the military campsite in Zarqa will free 2,500 hectares, providing an opportunity for a new residential district with a mix of commercial and recreational facilities.

The scheme introduces a new type of residential design (terraced housing) with careful consideration to clustering, parking, privacy, and open spaces catering to the needs of the community.