– Selected Projects – 

Client: Greater Amman Municipality

Location: Amman 

Area: 1277 m2

Year: 1999

Both interior and graphic work was done for this project. The design is a play of Arabic calligraphy, islamic patterns, materials, and light.

Client: Jordan Kuwait Bank

Location: Different locations, Jordan 

Year: 2002 – present

Bilal Hammad Architects has been providing design and supervision works for the Jordan Kuwait Bank since 2002. We have completed over 30 branches so far in Jordan and Palestine. The consistency in design led to the formation of a powerful corporate identity for the bank.

Client: Il Pizzaiolo Italian Restaurant

Location: 7th Circle Branch, Abdoun Branch 

Year: 2011, 2015

Logo, interior design and exterior works were done for the Italian restaurant Il Pizzaiolo.

Client: KABS Fitfactory

Location: Amman 

Area: 60m2

Year: 2016