Founded in early 1977 by Bilal Hammad.

Since then it has built a respectable reputation in Jordan and surrounding countries as a dedicated group of people who strive for quality of design and thoroughness of detail, aiming to produce buildings that fit within the context in its broader sense; environment, climate, culture and time.

Throughout its history, our firm has encoutered a wide range of various design fields; starting from the wide scope of urban planning through landscape and architectural design down to the intricacies of interior and corporate design. Our resume contains in addition to residential projects: hotels, commercial centres, mosques, cultural centres, rehabilitation and restoration.

Several of our projects have gained appreciation at both local and international levels, and have become subjects of research and analysis in international and local publications as well as for students of architecture.

As we are aware of the essential complimentary role of engineering, we strived to join forces with the best consultants.